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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Response To Rona Ambrose: Who are we in and age of terror? Canada's Air Strikes Should Continue

Before making the case for more airstrikes Rona Ambrose paints a picture of compassionate Canadians who help others in need in times of "conflict and peace".  Conservatives feel the need to present themselves this way because in contrast to the Liberals who like to give away through government programs, they often seem harsh when they want to cut spending.  But the way to be compassionate in the Middle East right now she offers, is by helping the refugees.

This may be, but how many of these people would have been refugees if Canada, the U.S. and their allies had not been dropping bombs and destabilizing the the region since before the first Gulf War? Whereas in the past I was swayed by the rationale for war in the Middle East, all that is left now is a thin veil of lies which when pulled away reveals a band of war profiteers who love the War on Terror because it never ends.

I have thrown a lot of votes to the Conservatives because I wanted smaller government.  Never have I voted Liberal or NDP.  But I did have hope that Justin Trudeau would get us out of the whole mess.  But the political parties who are supposed to be less war-like still to get entangled in foreign theatres often due to pressure from our "allies".

  When one considers that Christians for example were relatively safe and free under Sadam Hussein and Assad but now have been murdered and displaced by ISIS, it leads to the conclusion that we have no clue where our war actions will lead, except that they always seem to make things worse.  We have learned nothing it appears, from Vietnam or any conflict since.

Christians have a saying that "the blood of the Martyrs are the seeds of the Church".  This means that the Church has often grown stronger and in numbers in times of persecution.  I would suggest that a similar principle works for Islamic Terrorists.  The blood of their martyrs and our bombs are the seed of more Terrorists.

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