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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Census, Freedom, And More....

In an article today comparing the former Harper government to Justin Trudeau and his Liberals after 100 days in office Michael Den Tandt gives a short list of things the Liberals are doing better.

Not to mention the beginnings of a new law on assisted death, as the Supreme Court has required; restoring the long-form census, the abolition of which was idiotic and misguided from the start; un-gagging federal scientists, public servants and diplomats, whose silencing during the Harper years was outrageous and un-democratic; gender parity in cabinet, which was long overdue, and re-starting federal-provincial relationships that had rotted on the vine for a decade.

I am going to give a quick Libertarian view of each of these points.  Initially I was only going to talk about the census but instead I will foolishly wade into the other points as well.

  1. Assisted Death.  This is a nice anti-septic term for assisted suicide or euthanasia.  While I have not heard or read many libertarians on this issue, I think that this would simply be left up to the individual and their doctor.  The state would have no business interfering in these matters one way or another.  Personally I am not against the idea if all avenues have been attempted to keep a person alive and if they are only being sustained unnaturally.  I think that Libertarianism as a political philosophy comes up short here.  Taking of one's own life cannot be contemplated properly unless it is first seen as sacred.  
  2. The Long-Form Census.  Why does the government need this information?  I only want to give out my information freely to private companies and individuals with whom I am doing business.  While the government may want to use this data to provide better services it can also be used for nefarious purposes.
  3. Un-Gagging Federal Scientists.  Yes they never should have been gagged but then the government doesn't need scientists.  R&D is best left to the private sector.
  4. Gender Parity.  Are we not past this?  If I were a woman I would be insulted if I was given a position just because I was a woman.  Merit is the only reason to give a position to anyone.  Period.
  5. Federal-Provincial Relations.  This can be good or bad.  Bad if provinces try to suck more money out of the Federal government.  Good if the Federal Government gives more independence to the provinces.  Decentralization is better if we are moving closer to the end goal of individual liberty where I am not forced by any majority or minority to do or pay when I have not given my consent.

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